tisdag 30 december 2014

Lossless streaming from the internet, UpNp (24/192), Airplay, Songcast, Source Selection ALL FROM WITHIN THE LINN APP ..

LINN Hifi now incorporates Lossless High Fidelity streaming from the internet (CD quality) with a catalogue as large as Spotify from https://tidalhifi.com/se 

LINN already has UpNp streaming up to 24 Bit 192 from locally stored music (NAS or your PC/Mac), Wireless from Macbook, ipad, itouch or iphone with Airplay or from Windows/Mac wirelessly with LINN-Songcast

The iceing on the cake is you can swap sources on your LINN, change volume, control all your rooms and select music from your local hard drives or from TIDAL online service ...


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måndag 29 december 2014

Gothenburgs NEWEST HiFi manufacturer ... yes we made it!

So how good can a product this tiny actually be ... I'm just gonna say there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it is seriously high end and the response from early-listeners has been awesome! Be the judge and listen to it by booking an appointment at Linnegatan 5. email: martin@peoplesandschmidt.com

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- Networked device with UpNp playback with up to 24 bit 192 playback (Wirelessly controlled from any UpNp iPad/tablet app)
- Airplay (play music wirelessly from iPad, iPhone iTouch)
- Bluetooth (play music from any Bluetooth device)
- IR (can be used with IR control)
- Digital in (connect your TV. We connect multiple HDMi devices to the TV then a single digital out to the player thus keeping cables tidy, fewer inputs to select through and of course the audio never leaves the digital domain)
- The chassis is machined from a single nougat of solid aluminum. This technique gives perfect shielding, rigidity, tolerances and of course looks and feel. This is the ultimate solution and we are using it!

- DSP with 4* digital out. What is DSP? Well to keep things simple it's processing capable of digital filtration and effects. Each output can have filter setting so you you eliminate lossy and noisy  analogue filters in your speakers by simply not using them. The player supports up to 4 way speakers and we have chosen to work with the amazing Maestro-50 2-channel digital amplifier (of the same form of a beautiful minimalist set-up).
Of course you can program the outputs however you want so you could single-amp, bi-amp, trip-amp, quad-amp or go fully active with your speakers. You could use it for eight full range speakers for a shop fit for example! The filters also help with painful room acoustics and can even correct for differences in manufacturing. FUN!

So this is a player supporting anything you want to do with digital music, it's a pre-amp in the digital domain and supports direct connection of up to 4 stereo power amps. If you want to add more .. we can fix that!

Here are a few pictures from the design and testing ... the finished product is now fully anodized in black with our logo laser-etched and the proud label ''Made in Gothenburg''.

torsdag 18 december 2014

Lossless streaming plug-in for your LINN

Tidal Lossless Streaming Service – Now Integrated in to Linn DS and available in Sweden       

Great news for Linn DS customers old and new. As of this afternoon, Tidal, a lossless streaming music service is now integrated with the Linn range of DS and DSM players.

This major step change provides integration of Tidal’s 25 million songs in to the Linn Kazoo interface, available on PC, Mac and iPad*. Kazoo will need to be upgraded to the newest version any existing DS owners will need to upgrade to the latest version of software through Konfig.

*The iPad app update has been submitted to Apple, but is not yet available on the app store. We are expecting this in the next few days!

To make matters better we are offering a free

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TIDAL now integrated into Linn DS

TIDAL’s new lossless music streaming service is now integrated into all Linn DS players.

This fantastic new feature means that all existing and new Linn DS owners can stream over 25 million tracks at CD-quality, directly through their system.

Used Equipment Updaterat

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onsdag 17 december 2014

Musikhjälpen är inte över!

Musikhjälpen är inte över! 

Nu på Lördag (20 Dec) kl 13 kan du betala 100kr till musikhjälpen och bli med om en fantastisk LIVE inspelning med Selsius i butiken. Sms 0760071281 or email martin@peoplesandschmidt.com http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QpMPl8Pkeyg — at Peoples & Schmidt (Linn Hifi). Vi bjuda på jul glugg och peppar kakor. Begränsade platser! Dörren stängs kl 13:00 med ingen entré under konserten/inspelningen.

 The scene

The Band

torsdag 11 december 2014

Big thanks to all whom attended at the weekend and gave us their support and special thanks of course to Vena Portae and their Support Band Selsius

We have been making many changes over the last month and now how a fully functional music recording studio and guitar room.

There is now a cinema screen on the LINN exact system with LP12 in the main room and in the back dem room we have our own 'GÖTT AUDIO' music system comprising GÖTT AUDIO DS-player/Airplay/bluetooth/DSP and multiple Maestro Amplifiers on demo (just now with Majik 140's). Come and have a listen and get your order in.

Our HiFi at designer Love Hulten's Los Angeles design exhibition

The Control Room Window Goes In & Vocal Booth beyond ...

Custom Emerald X20 Guitar Arrives

Piano Wallnut Akubarik at our Makajo Showrom

Prototype of Love Hulten design and our 'GÖTT AUDIO Player'

The First 'Gött Audio' chassis arrives, machined from solid

Projection for 'Vena Portae LIVE in the shop

Testing Klimax Exakt 350A

The Guitar Wall & Room

Two Rock Stars

LIVE room adjustment with Exakt

New LP12 Work Bench

Organ Pipes

Elvis Vintage Radio

Recording in the main room

The New Scene

An extra dem room and recording space

The Scene looking into the guitar room

New Build Text

Selsius Soundcheck

New Branding & Xmas tree

New Reference AKG C12 Recording Mike

New Branding

måndag 1 december 2014

Nu På Lördag ... Välkomna!

Vena Portae (feat. Emily Barker) gästar Linn HiFi concept store för en exklusiv spelning/recording session!

Vena Portae släppte i höstas sitt debutalbum i England och kommer nu till Sverige för en kort promotionturné för den internationella releasen. Linn-artisten Emily Barker, som ingår i bandet, låg 13 veckor på P4-listan med låten DEAR RIVER sommaren 2014. 

Lyssna, kolla video och läs om dem på följande länkar: in spotify, youtube eller följande länkar till deras musik.

Mer om Emily Barker

Här är lite vad media har skrivit om Vena Portae under hösten.

"A thoughtful, melodic style that eases between Americana and pop-edged alt-folk" Guardian 4/5

"Alluring songs" Mojo 4/5

"You can safely assume Anglo-Swedish alt-folk is a fairly small sub-genre on the musical tree, but however large it was, this trio would be at the top" Daily Express 4.5/5

"Gorgeous… haunting… impressive… a relaxing and atmospheric album" Maverick 4.5/5

"An elegant achievement" Uncut

"A layered and carefully executed recording" What HiFi
"the harmonies are beautiful..." HiFi+ 8/10

"Full of real quality in all departments from beginning to end, utility and luxury in one package" AmericanaUK 8/10

"A spine tingling sense of familiarity" Spiral Earth

“Edgy folk… traditional instruments fit together seamlessly in making people feel the music they are playing” R2 Rock’n’Reel

"Deep, atmospheric lullabies and wonderful unison vocals" Never Enough Notes

"The whole record absorbs the country duet feel to wonderful effect" CultureFly

"A record that feels incredibly unique - a modern take on a vintage sound" The Ruckus
"full of melodious moments, beautifully sung and underpinned by a strong roots sound" Three Chords And The Truth

Priset för denna unika konsert är 150kr

För biljettköp kontakta Peter Tolebjer 0701-728881 eller tolebjer@hotmail.com

Läs mer: http://linnhifi.blogspot.se/2014/11/emily-barker-live-6th-december-with-her.html

Hitta hit: http://linnhifi.blogspot.se/p/vist-us.html