måndag 17 november 2014

LINN EXAKT EVENT this Wednesday 19th, 7pm presented with Barry Pimm (LINN PRODUCTS)

LINN Exakt is simply the best system LINN has ever produced.

Enjoy an evening in our newly renovated boutique with a presentation from Barry Pimm, LINN Products Limited.

We will take you through a demonstration how a LINN can make everything you listen to at home sound better. Whether it be music streaming (Spotify/Wimp) or film streaming (Youtube, Netflix, SVTPlay ...) from the internet or locally stored amazing HD files (24 bit 192 studio master files). 

You will be blown away by the simplicity of LINN's new software where everything is done from the comfort of the sofa and a tablet but what you will be most inspired by is the performance ... simply breathtaking!

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