onsdag 12 november 2014

Emily Barker *LIVE* 6th December with Her Band Vena Partae (Linnegatan 5)

Email for reservations: martin@peoplesandschmidt.com


Warm welcome to an amazing night with some amazing artists including BAFTA Winning Emily Barker. Linnegatan has had a makeover and now encompasses three recording studio rooms, one with vocal booth and adjacent control room.

The main rooms look the same and of course feature LINN Exakt but now accompanied with Cinema Screen for an amazing film experience. The small room is now converted for music gifts sales including fantastic quality Vinyl.

Peoples & Schmidt are very proud to introduce Gothenburgs latest HiFi from ... well us! The new DS player supports Airplay, UpNp up to 24/192, Bluetooth and an amazing DSP with 4 stereo digital out to properly activate your speakers with the help of up to 4 AVA Maestro Digital amplifiers. Think LINN Exakt! Highs/lowpass filters onboard for up to 4 way speakers plus room correction.

Come and listen ,,, now playing in the gold room!

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