fredag 26 september 2014

LINN have just released two new products in the Akurate range, both using Exakt technology.

There is no doubt LINN Exakt technology has taken LINN to a new level of performance, for any room. Exakt started out with the reference LINN KLIMAX EXAKT SYSTEM and then to AKUBARIK EXAKT SYSTEM, we have on both occasions been blown away by performance for the price compared to LINN's previous systems at these levels. Exakt delivers both digital and analogue information more accurately than ever before, (less loss and less distortion) allows programming for room acoustics to maximise performance for just your space and is still a one box and speakers solution.

Now we have two more additions to the Exakt range.

''The most compact Exakt System yet, featuring the stunning new Exakt Akudorik stand-mounted speakers, which hide all the Exakt technology in the stand. You can purchase only the stand and use it with your existing 212 speakers and soon, I'm told, you will be able to use it with Majik 109's as well. 

And for separates owners, you can experience the most flexible Exakt upgrade available with our new Akurate Exaktbox, which can be configured for any speaker! You can describe this as a filtration box (+D to A) with 10 analogue outputs so just download the software for your speaker to upgrade from your existing Aktiv system.''

Complete Akudorik Sytem with speakers, stands and Akurate DSM/Exakt 191,000 Sek
Akudorik Stands only 102,750 Sek
Akudorik Speakers + stands 146,000 Sek

Akurate Exakt Box 45,000 Sek

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