torsdag 8 augusti 2013

Way-Out-West kicks off tomorrow night with Håkan Hellström ...

Rumour has it that Håkan is charging 4 million Swedish for the gig so my question is ... is he worth it?

Rather than debate it, here is my opinion ... of course He is! Anyone that seen Håkan on Skansen must realise that He is Sweden's number one, there is no question about it! Gothenburg's working class hero is somehow managing to touch the youth of Sweden in way's I don't even understand and is that not exactly what being a rock star is all about?

So lets do the maths. When Madonna played Ullevi let's say it averaged 1000 Sek a ticket and 50,000 seats (max capacity is actually 75000 for gigs) so that's 50 million Swedish per night.

It's some 8 years since I moved to Sweden and on one of the first nights in my newly bought summer house, I decided to have a crayfish party. ''Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg'' was played after a few snaps and you just seen the magic. Next day I found out what the Swedish lyrics meant ... genius! Since then I have been a intrigued by Håkan's music. People told me He couldn't sing or it was just a Gothenburg thing but He was the only Swedish artist I held in high esteem (at the time ;))

So is Håkan worth a 4M fee ... well I think He is worth at least as much as Madonna ... give Him 50!

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