torsdag 1 augusti 2013

To be back from holiday isn't so bad ... for me anyway!

LINN gave me a lovely update in the shop, a new SONGBOX (media server program) to make all of your lives easier and it's free of course. click the above link to download

On top of that little treat, a spanking new pair of LINN's Aktive Akurbarik (165,000 Sek) speakers arrived. Amazing straight out of the box. Love them!

So now it's catch up. I'll announce a new weekly LINN-Lounge program starting next week as soon as possible, so please keep an eye on this page for information. That lets us catch up on a few we missed like the Rolling Stones, some new ones like REM and I'm hoping to get some guest speakers in to talk about albums they produced.

Passive Akubarik (92,500 Sek)

I installed a pair of the 'just-released' passive Akubarik on a Klimax System (DS, Kontrol, Solo*2 (latest spec on 3k array) and Twin (latest spec)) in Stockholm a little over one week ago. Really fantastic! Sounded and looks amazing. From memory I'd say that system had the edge over the Aktiv version the detail was amazing, but of course it's much more expensive and using Klimax electronics instead of the ADSM we use them with in the shop. Solo's on the 3K array gave as much detail as I ever remember hearing on any system ... fantastic!

If you would like to lysten to this system in Stockholm please get in touch with me ( at the customers discretion of course.

The Passive Akubarik are outrageously good ... breathtaking and like the Aktiv, in my opinion agressively prised for what you get ... dare I say ''a bargain''! The new filter system is ''clearly'' better. I have not tried it yet but I'd say an Akurate 4200 Bi-amp on the passive version must be pretty damn impressive. Think you all know me by now though ... I'd opt for the less box option with fully aktiv and a DSM.

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