torsdag 10 mars 2016

LINN Krystal Pick-up

I installed the new LINN Krystal pick-up (with Akurate LP12) yesterday ... truly fantastic ... it sat in the groove perfectly and brought up a huge amount of information and presented a well balanced performance from some of the great vinyl we played. 

''A big investment at 15,950 Sek but it's an absolute bargain at that price'' 

I don't have an Akiva and comparative analog LINN system on dem to compare properly A vs B, but with Krystal on an Akurate LP12, together with Exakt Akubarik system (KDSM/Exakt) I don't think there is much doubt it beats the Akiva reference LP12 on analog Akubarik (Analog Klimax DSM) I demonstrated last year. 

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