tisdag 17 februari 2015

'LIVE' from Peoples & Schmidt in association with Musicmakes, Anabandinabrewery & Beerbliotek

Beerbliotek, one of Swedens absolutely best and award winning breweries is the venue for our next Aband Inabrewery event hosted by Peoples & Schmidt and MusicMakes. Warm welcome to Jonathan Carr (UK) and to all our guests for an intimate evening of 'LIVE' music and award winning Beers. Guest list only (email your interest to : martin@peoplesandschmidt.com). The event will be recorded 'LIVE', to be released at a later date.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY email: martin@peoplesandschmidt.com SMS: 0760071281
Tickets (list only) 150 Sek. Saturday 21st February. Sockerbruket 11. Götebrog. Open from 6pm

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