onsdag 26 november 2014

And now in Swedish ..

Missa inte Nya concept fest & 'LIVE' musikevent, 6 Dec, från KL 19, Peoples & Schmidt, Linnegatan 5!

Vi får hit Emily Barker ihop med Vena Portae 5 dec. Emily Barker låg 13 veckor på P4listan med låten DEAR RIVER sommaren 2014. Nu kommer hon som medlem av det engelsk-svenska bandet VENA PORTAE som är på releaseturné för bandets nya album i Sverige.


Lyssna, kolla video och läs om dem på följande länkar: in spotify, youtube eller följande länkar till deras musik.

Mer om Emily Barker

Här är lite vad media har skrivit om Vena Portae under hösten.

"A thoughtful, melodic style that eases between Americana and pop-edged alt-folk" Guardian 4/5

"Alluring songs" Mojo 4/5

"You can safely assume Anglo-Swedish alt-folk is a fairly small sub-genre on the musical tree, but however large it was, this trio would be at the top" Daily Express 4.5/5

"Gorgeous… haunting… impressive… a relaxing and atmospheric album" Maverick 4.5/5

"An elegant achievement" Uncut

"A layered and carefully executed recording" What HiFi
"the harmonies are beautiful..." HiFi+ 8/10

"Full of real quality in all departments from beginning to end, utility and luxury in one package" AmericanaUK 8/10

"A spine tingling sense of familiarity" Spiral Earth

“Edgy folk… traditional instruments fit together seamlessly in making people feel the music they are playing” R2 Rock’n’Reel

"Deep, atmospheric lullabies and wonderful unison vocals" Never Enough Notes

"The whole record absorbs the country duet feel to wonderful effect" CultureFly

"A record that feels incredibly unique - a modern take on a vintage sound" The Ruckus
"full of melodious moments, beautifully sung and underpinned by a strong roots sound" Three Chords And The Truth
Email för biljetter till martin@peoplesandschmidt.com SMS 0760071281
150 Sek (förköp) 

måndag 24 november 2014

New Shop Concept Release party with LIVE music from Vena Portae featuring Emily Barker


Warm welcome to Peoples & Schmidt, Linnegatan 5, Göteborg on 6th December at 7pm for a very special concept launch for our shop. 

To complement the rooms you already new about we have added two more rooms and integrated a fully operational music studio. The only obvious change you may notice is the new control room window we installed but our two new rooms encompass a moveable vocal room, a separate recoding room and allot of nice reference recording equipment. 

The rest of the shop is 'secret' linked as further recording spaces, including the large main room and YES we have the best Studio Monitors of any Studio I have ever been to (LINN EXAKT SYSTEM).

Music Producer and session musician Rosie MacClune is now in the driving seat at Linnegatan and will be actively pursuing new talent for our record label as well as being the in-house audio expert. Rosie is known as a member of several bands including The Hedrons & Gogobot and has toured the world as well as playing top UK gigs like Tea-in-the-park (3 times), The O2 Arena and allot more. She has even played with the Rolling Stones so I guess that covers the credibility Question.

The shop is now a physical and operational experience from the microphone to the living room and is rather stunning if I may say so myself ... pretty unique.

You may look forward to many music events including exclusive 'LIVE' recordings in the main area of the shop and that's how it will start out on 6th December with the return of the amazing Emily Barker as part of Her new band Vena Portae. Emily has a BAFTA, the intro song to Wallander (UK series) ... She is awesome and this time accompanied with some serious musical talent.

Please email your attendance in advance to martin@peoplesandschmidt.com for this exclusive ticketed event (150 sek in advance) and expect a fantastic evening. Warm Welcome ...

måndag 17 november 2014

LINN EXAKT EVENT this Wednesday 19th, 7pm presented with Barry Pimm (LINN PRODUCTS)

LINN Exakt is simply the best system LINN has ever produced.

Enjoy an evening in our newly renovated boutique with a presentation from Barry Pimm, LINN Products Limited.

We will take you through a demonstration how a LINN can make everything you listen to at home sound better. Whether it be music streaming (Spotify/Wimp) or film streaming (Youtube, Netflix, SVTPlay ...) from the internet or locally stored amazing HD files (24 bit 192 studio master files). 

You will be blown away by the simplicity of LINN's new software where everything is done from the comfort of the sofa and a tablet but what you will be most inspired by is the performance ... simply breathtaking!

onsdag 12 november 2014

Emily Barker *LIVE* 6th December with Her Band Vena Partae (Linnegatan 5)

Email for reservations: martin@peoplesandschmidt.com


Warm welcome to an amazing night with some amazing artists including BAFTA Winning Emily Barker. Linnegatan has had a makeover and now encompasses three recording studio rooms, one with vocal booth and adjacent control room.

The main rooms look the same and of course feature LINN Exakt but now accompanied with Cinema Screen for an amazing film experience. The small room is now converted for music gifts sales including fantastic quality Vinyl.

Peoples & Schmidt are very proud to introduce Gothenburgs latest HiFi from ... well us! The new DS player supports Airplay, UpNp up to 24/192, Bluetooth and an amazing DSP with 4 stereo digital out to properly activate your speakers with the help of up to 4 AVA Maestro Digital amplifiers. Think LINN Exakt! Highs/lowpass filters onboard for up to 4 way speakers plus room correction.

Come and listen ,,, now playing in the gold room!

måndag 10 november 2014

Pink Floyd's new album out today!

Here is a revealing article and review from The Guardian. I think it's time for that Pink Floyd LINN LOUNGE.


tisdag 4 november 2014

LINN Lounge Saturday's from 2 PM! **note time change**

We will start LINN Lounge every Saturday now from 9th November, from 2 pm, presented through LINN EXAKT SYSTEM.

Warm welcome. Please email us latest the Friday before each event of your attendance so we can confirm there is space for you and any amendments. If you leave a mobile number, we can sms you with up to date information and also upcoming events.

Many thanks // Martin & Rosie.