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Fantastic summer offer for existing Klimax DS owners


Linn_Klimax_Exakt_Living_Room_Party_Close_Web-Res.jpgFor a limited time, we have a special offer that provides the best customers with a stepping stone towards the breakthrough performance of Exakt.

The offer lets Klimax DS owners upgrade their product to a Klimax DSM featuring Exakt Link connections, meaning they are Exakt-Ready when they decide to take their system to the next level. In addition, they can connect and enjoy improved performance from all their digital sources within a simpler, more integrated system.

The upgrade comprises a new audio board which converts the Klimax DS into a current spec Klimax DSM. This can also be purchased as a package with Renew DS, which houses the original audio board and creates a second, fully-functional DS player for use in another room.

The Offer in Detail
From 1st July until 16th September, the two ways in which Klimax DS owners can take advantage of this offer* are as follows:

Audio Board Upgrade and Renew DS
Back by popular demand, Renew DS lets customers update their Klimax DS to a Klimax DSM as well as providing a way for them to re-use their original Klimax DS audio board to create a second DS player and enjoy all the benefits of a multi-room system.

RenewDS.jpgThe Renew DS upgrade package comprises:
  • a new audio board which is fitted by Linn into the customer’s existing Klimax DS player to convert it into a Klimax DSM with Exakt Link connections 
  • a Renew DS with power supply, into which their old DS audio board is fitted by Linn 85,000 Sek

Audio Board Upgrade
Alternatively, customers can simply purchase the upgrade on its own to turn the Klimax DS into a Klimax DSM with Exakt Link connections. 64,000 Sek

Extra Peace of Mind
Linn will provide a full 5-year warranty for both the updated product and the Renew DS - the same great support that customers would receive when buying a brand new product.

The Process
Klimax DS players must be returned to the factory for conversion via the RSN process as some machining of the metal casing will be required to fit the new board. Please attach the Linn Klimax DS Upgrade Order Form to your RSN request and email to rsn@linn.co.uk.KLIMAX DS to DSM UPGRADE INCLUDING RENEW DS

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