fredag 16 maj 2014

Big thanks to all whom attended *LIVE @ Peoples & Schmidt* events over the last weeks ..

As always we kicked off with 'The Boss', Maeve O'Boyle supported by Swedish band 'Good Harvest' at the end of April in our shop on Linnegatan5, Gothenburg.

We switched the PA system off after 'Good Harvest' and were treated to an amazing performance from Maeve whom delivered brand new material with the intensity only Maeve can deliver. Supported on (Emerald Guitar) by Rosie MacDoom of rock band Gogobot.

A few days later it was time for the new kids on Marina Rolink & Scope. Marina ''charmed the pants'' off the select audience in our shop on Linnegatan 5, Gothenburg and Scope rocked it out big time with support from Gordon MacNeil on guitar/vocals from rock band Gogobot and Marina on piano/vocals.

The scene is set at Peoples & Schmidt new LINN/naim-showroom opening party at Makajo with custom graffiti backdrop, New York style. Scope wasted no time in getting them involved and into the party mood with an awesome explosive Hip-Hop performance.

Party starts with well over 300 guests from design,  Architect and music branch.

Photo of the night goes to Marina whom put her audience into tears ... fantastic! When joined by Scope and Gordon (Playing Emerald X20 Guitar), later on the sofa ... they literally mesmorised their audience. Huge thanks to Maeve, Rosie, Gordon, Lewis (Scope) & Marina ... and all my new partners at Makajo Showroom.

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