onsdag 27 februari 2013

Continued and well deserved success for Maeve O'Boyle ...

I mentioned that Maeve had played a very special event but that it was rather secret or at least She had to wait on permission before talking about it.

In November 2012, after watching Maeve's Live ''Brothers in Arms'' you tube video (see also below), 'The Whitehouse' invited Maeve to come over and play at a special event. In December 2012, Maeve done just that ... an amazing 2 hour set. She said ''Martin ,,, the response was amazing ... they loved it''.

The news is now public knowledge. Maeve was asked to record for UK TV because of her work using Her own music school to help underprivileged kids but when She mentioned 'The Whitehouse' they of course got very excited. She recorded for UK television this morning (see photo below). 

So if that wasn't enough Maeve released the single 'Brothers in Arms' on itunes and is donating the entire income from the single to 'Combat Stress' charity. Just 24 years old and creating quite a stir!!

(If you would like to buy a USB (24bit, 16bit, CD, Mp3 + film) pre-release copy of 'Being Patient', Maeve's new album please contact: martin@peoplesandschmidt.com 250:-)

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