onsdag 30 november 2011

Architect Day @ Peoples & Schmidt a big success!

Big thanks to all the Architects that attended our event today in our shop and enjoyed the fantastic lunch prepared by Americabaren. Also a big thanks to our partner, LK Hjelle Sofor Norway (Elizabeth), whom both helped with the preparation and helped draw in, what was, a fantastic attendance ..

LINN can now cater for any need and we showed off iPad control, Songcast (party mode), simple solutions for Spotify/Youtube and of course played up DVD & Blue-Ray on LINN DSM products with Samsung 8 TV (now available to mail order from P&S) ...

What do you want ... ok, here is my iPad ... here is what you wanted ... not only quickly and easily but sounds better than they have ever experienced ...

Great day!

måndag 28 november 2011

How cool is it when two 18 year old young ladies come in with a Jimi Hendrix vinyl!

And leave with a new Vinyl player ....

Now Peoples & Schmidt are in business :)

fredag 25 november 2011

Interview with Gilad Tiefenbrun, LINN Managing Director

2011-11-24 19:03:48] *** Call from Gilad Tiefenbrun ***

P&S: hi

Gilad Tiefenbrun: hi

P&S: How are you Gilad?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: I'm very well thanks!

Gilad Tiefenbrun: How are you?

P&S: Not too bad ,,, busy as usual!

P&S: The year started with a trip to Atlantic Records with Maeve O'Boyle. I can imagine that was just a great experience but what was your purpose there?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: I first met Craig Kallman, CEO of Atlantic Records, a couple of years back at a Linn event in New York.

He's a huge audiophile and owns a lot of Linn gear including several LP12s.

I was presenting Studio Masters played through Linn DS and he was blown away.

He spoke to me afterwards and said he wanted to take me out to dinner when he next came to "England"!

Gilad Tiefenbrun: A few months later we met up in London, in a trendy restaurant in Shoreditch.

I explained about Studio Master downloads, and how Linn had been making downloading work for the artists and customers for a few years already.

Immediately he had me on the phone, in the restaurant, to a number of senior execs from Warner Music Group, Atlantic's parent company.

Craig felt passionately that Warner should be moving faster to 24-bit downloads for the obvious sound benefits.

At the beginning of 2011, he arranged a get-together in Manhattan with me and all the senior people at Warner involved in their digital and distribution sides.

We discussed a strategy for 24-bit downloads for Warner, and the music industry in general.

P&S: Sorry to interrupt ... Was that the same guy you spoke of that when I was over in Glasgow, the guy from US that had the enormous record collection?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Yes, that's him. His apartment is floor to ceiling vinyl, literally, all around. It's incredible.

But that's only a small part of his 300,000+ collection, all in mint condition.

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Now where was I...

So after that meeting, Craig and I hatched a plan to raise awareness of 24-bit with the key influencers in the music industry.

We set the date for May 2011, and we called it: "Hear Studio Master Live".

Basically, we recorded Maeve O'Boyle on the terrace of his Manhatten apartment at 24-bit, to an assembled audience of music industry execs, recording engineers and audiophile press.

Then we made an mp3 version.

Inside the apartment, we played to everyone the Studio Master recording of Maeve's performance, followed by the mp3.

People were blown away!

P&S: Great stuff ... I listened to Maeve'S 24 bit recording of her performance there … How did the event go from a business perspective … was it this that lead to the meeting with Neil young??

Gilad Tiefenbrun: It achieved its aim, which was to raise awareness of the power of 24-bit with a wide, influential group.

It was at the end of the night, after people had stayed late chatting about the implications of what they'd heard, that Craig took me aside and said: "I'd like to get you together with Neil."

I couldn't believe my ears! So I said: "Neil who?"

And he said; "Neil Young! Didn't you know that he's a committed audiophile who's been pushing 24-bit for some time now?"

Well I tried to put what he said out of my mind, because Neil Young is an absolute hero of mine.

I grew up listening to his records and playing his songs on guitar.

Any time I thought about the prospect of actually meeting him, I couldn't sleep!

It was at the end of June, when I was preparing to go to London, where we were putting on a live performance with Barb Jungr at the Royal Festival Hall, that the phone rang, it was Craig, and he said: "I need you to be at Neil's ranch on Monday."

So I packed a few more clothes in my bag than I was planning, and flew on from London to San Francisco.

P&S: Of course Neil Young has a ranch ... lol

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Broken Arrow Ranch.

P&S: With a studio?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Oh yes. Serious studio.

P&S: Nice. I'm getting off track here so here is a Q I planned to ask later on but this leads nicely on to the development of Apple 'open sourcing' the ALAC (their format for 24 Bit) … do you know how or why that came about?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: I don't know for sure, but I have a strong suspicion that it's linked to these preceding events.

I discussed with Neil Young, the mechanism by which the Majors would release their back catalogues at 24-bit.

P&S: Sounds like some powerful industry people and of course Neil himself ... yes perhaps LINN (you) made some waves in US. back catalogue 24 Bit ... now you have my complete attention ...

Gilad Tiefenbrun: My understanding from that discussion was that the Majors view iTunes as an essential delivery platfrom for the 24-bit.

In which case, they would need to agree on a format that iTunes could work with. i.e. ALAC

Gilad Tiefenbrun: However, it's my belief that the Majors would not want the 24-bit content restricted to iTunes only.

It's waaaayyyy too big for that!

Which is why I think that the open-sourcing of ALAC would be a pre-condition of any deal to see the 24-bit back catalogue on iTunes.

It's a theory.

P&S: Sounds plausible! Do you believe that 24 Bit will be sold solely from downloads ... I guess like LINN do now? Does that mean Atlantic records for example may open a site?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: I think that the Majors want the maximum exposure for the 24-bit content.

Opening new download stores, with all the branding and marketing that implies, is likely not in their plans.

They will go with existing routes to market, in my view.

P&S: 'Route to market' an interesting one. bands market themselves these days with LIVE gigs ... almost their own sites could be a route to market?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Potentially. No reason why not.

P&S: It would feel kind of nice logging onto Neil Youngs own site and purchasing his back catalogue in 24 Bit,,, or any other band for that matter! I'd long for the record store though ... is that where vinyl comes in?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Vinyl's timeless. There's going to be record stores for as long as we still love going there and passing a few hours leafing through the wonderful racks.

P&S: Lets hope so ...

P&S: So the year started with allot of concentration for you on 24 Bit and ended with a huge product launch ,,, LINN DSM. WHat is this in your words and wahat does it mean for LINN?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: It means, simply, that Linn DSM makes anything you listen to at home sound better.

With the ability to listen to 24-bit music, and now to add 24-bit soundtracks over HDMI, the performance is amazing.

And you can connect anything to Linn DSM that you can think of...

Hard drive based music from a computer or NAS, internet radio, Spotify and other streaming services.

Then there's mobile, with interoperability for Apple's over-the-air streaming technology, meaning your friends can DJ straight from their mobile devices when they come to your house!

Add to that the Songcast App for PC and Mac that let's you use your Linn System as the soundcard for your computer. The technology is mind blowing.

But instead of technology complicating matters, as it has done for many people over the last decade, we're now seeing technology unify and simplify.

It's doing what it's supposed to do - making life easier and better.

Especially if you have made a big investment in a Linn System.

P&S: Been using it all day! Have TV in one room and playing Blue-ray and broadcasting the sound to every room. Likewise youtube! I mean to try DSM as my PA for a LIVE event. Combine an old analogue microphone pre-amp with DSM then Soncasting to multiple DS players so we have a balanced sound throughout the shop ... do you think that will work?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: It should. Give it a try! Let me know how it goes!

P&S: Perhaps a multiple of Klimax DSM can be synchronised in a stadium for LIVE gigs ... one big network with perfect sync! Wireless perhaps?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: You think BIG Martin!

P&S: You gotta! Ok I'm taking up lots of your time now .. last Question ... Do you think apple some day will be forced into becoming an open source company?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: I think companies have to delineate between what is core for their USP and what is not, and they should open source what is not.

Gilad Tiefenbrun: For Apple, it means they'd be unlikely to lose their control over anything that impacts their precious user experience.

But ALAC? Come on! It should have been open source from the start.

P&S: You are feeling quite happy about being an early follower of the ''Open World''? It seems to be the best choice ... so I'll twist the question. Do you think for market reasons apple will open up more?

Gilad Tiefenbrun: It's possible, but I don't think it's a priority for them at this time.

Apple's been great for Linn.

The iPad is the number one way to use Linn Systems these days. Using our Kinsky app.

Apple deserve praise for the things they do well.

But we should continue to demand more openness. For example, AirPlay needs to be open if it's to become a true standard.

And they have competition in Google's Android, which is sure to have an open version of AirPlay in the coming months.

We hope that Songcast can become the true standard.

Songcast is part of Openhome.org

and is open source.

P&S: I think so ... maybe the topic for our next interview? Big thanks for your time Gilad … really appreciate it … last question … what will LINN concentrate on in 2012 ,,, your 40th anniversary year!

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Another last question!

Making great sounding music, from the artists we record, all the way to the systems that deliver the highest possible quality in people's homes.

Gilad Tiefenbrun: We'll be kicking the 40th anniversary year off in style, with a live showcase of Linn talent at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow. Watch this space...

P&S: Hopefully you provide a LIVE STREAM for our LINN DSM :) Big thanks ....big thanks for your products and keep up the good work!

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Thanks!

Gilad Tiefenbrun: Good luck with your blog!

P&S: Cheers ,,, and Happy New Year when it comes !!!

Gilad Tiefenbrun: And wishing Peoples & Schmidt and all your customers the very best for the New Year!

torsdag 24 november 2011

NEW LINN Akurate DSM & Beyonce on Blueray ....

Great Album!

Tip from Christoffer Berg, Musician, Music Producer, DJ ... whom has worked with Massive Attack, The Knife, Shakira ...

I'm thinking it's time for ''Klanger & Spår''

GOLD Room page updated, LINN Solo's & my first impression of how it sounds!

Click the ''Gold Room'' tab above or the picture to the left to come to the Gold Room page!

Jackson Browne (Hope you have Spotify)

lördag 19 november 2011

** DSM Page (Click 'NEW-LINN-DSM' Tab above) updated **

You can also click here: ''DSM''

This is brilliant!

I first heard this in Americabaren, Gotheburg ... just to thank you Eric ... it's brilliant! Lilla Edit is a less than charming area not far from Gothenburg but obviously some talented Swedish rappers ...

Anyone can be a star on Youtube! Over 600,000 Hits ...

fredag 18 november 2011

LINN Klimax Solo's + KK Fått tävla med många andra märke!

(Sorry for those not speaking Swedish but here is some information on a private persons test of expensive brands in their own home, in Swedish ... )

(Klimax Power-amp shown here in my home with Klimax DS)

Lånat hem butikens fina Klimax Solo Steg * 2 (senaste med Dynamik) till HB, en trevligt man baserat i Göteborg med mycket energi och entusiasm för musik och HiFi ... Också ett bra rum!

Systemen var icke LINN källa hellre högtalarna och test:

''Erfarenheter av stegs djupperspektiv''

Jag tror LINN målet är att musik ska låta så nära 'LIVE' som möjligt, Melodi, balans, äkta (en gitarr ska låta som en gitarr) ... musikaliskt ... orderna som beskriva va LINN vill ha! Man ska bli stimulerat av artistens meddelande ... Jag själve tänk inte alls om ljudbild och tror inte LINN set mycket tid på detta men var förvånat att lyssna till låter hus HB ...

Här är en klipp från forumet FAKTISK och resultat från HB test, Cool att läsa ... ''På en skala 1-10 där 10 är att väggen bakom högtalarna försvinner och 1 är presentation i ansiktet, samt förmåga flytta presentationen i djupled alltefter inspelningen så skulle jag vilja påstå följande:

ASR Emitter är 10 avseende D, och har störst rörlighet i djupled beroende på album. 3D-holografi vinner den också. Rösthantering och piano med. Men, den kör i diket ibland. Shocked

ASR Emitter 1 är 10+, dr jekyll and...
MCintosh mc402 +c2300 8, klingar lite mjukt, och ljuvligt med försteg.
ARC VT 100 Mk III är 5, lite hårt och tunt
Bryston 14B-SST 2 är 9, silkesmjuk, avslappnad
Linn Klimax mono+ Klimax 4-5, fin dynamik och mycket Joy Smile
Burmester 956 mk II 3-4, bråttom, bråttom, kraft
Bryston 4B-ST är 8, sammetsmjuk, avslappnad
Dynaco special 7-8, kort lyssning
Micromega Tempo 2 är 5-6, bra allround, klarar lite gåshud också
Rotel RB 991 är 4, kort i ljudet, seg. Korrekt kanske, men inte i min värld
Behringer A-500 är 3, ny lyssning Smile Bra till,bas

Linn var kul, härlig dynamik utan att vara forcerad, trevligt att lyssna på men brister i djuppresentationen.
Burmester blev inte långvarig, två dygns värme och sedan lyssning.
Forcerat steg med presentationen i ansiktet, stressad återgivning men tonalt OK. Framflyttat mellanregister. All musik lät som om den hade bråttom till bussen. Inte min cup of tea i min setup.
Det måste låta som f-n ute i stugorna med alla dessa dyra grejor. Very Happy
Såvida man inte lyckats para ihop steg och högtalare och rum på något sätt förstås. Eller så väljer man att prioritera stenhårt åt ett håll.
ASR som en injektion av skirhet och finess med morfintillskott i vinet och nå halvvägs till himlen, eller Linn där man ger f-n i den realistiska återgivningen och leende jammar med musiken.
Jag är nog mer åt att låta min anläggning komplettera ett gott glas rött om aftonen och känna gåshuden ända in i ryggraden än att....
Nu ska jag para ihop Linn och ASR på en blind-date, inga kondomer.

**Cancelled** Tonights DSM Event ...

I am sorry to announce that due to a technical problem we are forced to move tonight's event forward approximately one week.

I'll confirm the new date as soon as possible and stay on tonight should anyone not see this message. For those lucky few that don't get this message, you can at least enjoy a cold beer and some great music if not the DSM :)

Got a little shock when trying to attach this cable from my TV to ADSM and unfortunately then touched the chassis of the DSM at the same time and felt the voltage on that as well. Pretty sure it's a faulty cable (perhaps TV?) and a now 'fried' chip-set in the DSM! Hmnnn ... bugger!

I can take something positive from this and that is - LINN are fantastic ... a brand new replacement ADSM has already left the factory and on route to me ... fantastic performance from their products & fantastic service from their staff! Big thanks to Jamie/Alison from LINN.

My apologies again! // Martin

torsdag 17 november 2011

It's still not an Apple World, it's still an Open World ...

The following is a combination of information published by LINN and points from my own perspective.
Tomorrow afternoon I will do an on-line interview with Gilad Tiefenbrun, Managing Director, LINN Products Ltd, which will be published on this blogg. It will be interesting to hear his opinions to where this is leading, why and what it means for LINN.

Apple’s decision to finally open source its Apple Lossless (ALAC) format is welcome news. Apple lossless is basically studio sized music files (24 Bit), uncompressed, unlike the standard file MP3 found on iTunes or even CD quality which is also a compressed version of the original recording.

For one thing, people who use iTunes to store and archive their CD collection (16 Bit), and take care to change the audio quality to Apple Lossless, will be able to stream their collection to a wider range of products. For another thing it means you and I, the consumer, will have more access to higher quality music, in fact studio quality (24 Bit) rather than stockpiling MP3 low quality files that iTunes have, for many years now, endorsed.

For UK companies at the forefront of music playback in the home like LINN (HiFi), a company that has been selling 24 Bit music on-line since 2005, advocating FLAC, yet supporting an unofficial version of ALAC, it means the risk of the wrath of Apple HQ for letting people listen to their music collections through their systems is removed.

The question is why and why now? I think the answer comes from ingenious small companies like LINN utilising the opportunities the Open-Source platform have provided. By delivering first material at the highest quality then products to play at the highest quality in home, they have given the consumer the choice and what they really wanted all along. I may be wrong and it may just be Apple’s way of grasping the last opportunity to cash in on the back catalogue of music out there before the cloud based solution, such as Spotify/Youtube, completely takes over, leaving iTunes a redundant and uninteresting solution!

Whatever the motivation … I welcome it and feel a kind of satisfaction that no company, not even the mighty Apple can have it all there own way.

Two best new products from LINN in 2011? After work event Friday 18 Nov, 18:00

The all new LINN remote control with programmable buttons and I counted this morning .. a staggering 52 buttons (the old handset) have now been replaced by 28! 'Less is more''

Though not the reference in the new DSM series, Klimax DSM taking that position of course, the new Akurate DSM is for many of us the most exciting and for our shop it opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

This is a super high end source, a super high end pre-amplifier, an analogue to digital converter that broadcasts even your vinyl across the home for multi room solution, or what we plan to test, (In Cooperation with Svenskagramofon world's renown Studio) is broadcast ''LIVE'' music throughout the shop so our future gigs here may come through the LINN multi room system and perhaps further to your livingroom.

There is more: DSM is a DAC with 3 toslink, 3 SPDIFF & 4 HDMi inputs so it manages anything that requires sound playback in the home, PS3, xBox, Blueray player ...

Apple announce that they will ''OPEN SOURCE'' Apple Lossless (more on this later today) and with the world opening it's eyes to 24 Bit, sold (by LINN from 2005) and played by all LINN DS players since 2007, that should mean more 24 Bit music available to play through your LINN in 2012.

LINN's very own virtual sound-card enables you to send the sound from your mac/PC direct to your HiFi through the network (no cables) to your LINN system. Youtube with lipsink, stream SVT4play with Lipsink, Spotify and so on and so on. We will test it for Studio Solutions ... more on this later! (Clue: why not have play together live with band members spread across the globe?).

For us lasy people with ipad that are addicted to Youtube & Spotify, now we can sit on the sofa, watch our favourite clip and the music magically comes out of our stereo using an extension of Apple Airplay. :)

LINN DSM can destroy marriages, leave people obese ,,, give bed sores but if you are not afraid of this please come and experience for yourself how good it is!

Peoples & Schmist warmly welcome you to a little after-work 'beer and music' and to experience the new Akurate DSM: Friday, 18th Nov from 6pm.

Please email your note of attendance to martin@peoplesandschmidt.com

onsdag 16 november 2011

Toby's Guitar 'PORR' tips!

The Stone Roses Revival!

It's official that The Stone Roses will reunite and tour in 2012 with new material!

This is a stressful one for me because I'm not sure I can take it if it's just a load of rubbish ... I love Stone Roses, they were fantastic ,,, spooky, melodic ... text ... probably my favourite band ever! My University life was in Northern England and indie music was everything ,,, ''fresh air after the Thatcher era'', as I heard someone explain it!

I saw Oasis in their last tour in Scandinavia before the inevitable break-up, Europe's worst sounding large stage. Having seen them in the hay day at Manchester City Park, just insane then to be there at the end of the line for them Leum with a broken voice (virus), few people knowing the words and a half full venue with bad sound ... SORROW!

Please please let The Stone Roses get it right ... I can't take the disappointment!

tisdag 15 november 2011

''Bands in Transit'' , Genious!

I love the Jules Holland show or the end of Skavlan where a really great artist gets to perform in an intimate way. That's what I want for our shop and to date we have had some great bands/artists here doing just that: The Anna Massey Band, Tommy's People, Lady Claire Martin & The Gareth Williams Trio. My very good friend and world class artist, Maeve O'Boyle & the superb all action Electro Pop UK sensation that is GoGoBot!

Small intimate concerts are amazing and with Youtube becoming the centre for 'Live music' and new release videos, why can't we offer a solution allowing artists to do something great here ... maybe we can get more world class artists to play live and record here ... why not Bono or Jim Kerr (The later just might happen anyway, watch this space)!

Here is something I found yesterday ,,,

''Bands in Transit''.

What a great idea ... you get a 'Transit van' with PA/recording equipment and travel around inviting talented people to play and you record them! Click the photograph link below to listen to Ben Howard but more can be found on Bands-in-transit

måndag 14 november 2011

lördag 12 november 2011

Oh yes!

Who would have thought that the best sound performance upgrade our largest room has received, would have been a piece of art? Our room is amazing now ... using LINN 320A speakers with LINN Klimas DS (Digital streamer). I have left out the Klimax pre-amplification for now but even as it is ,, one box and speakers system ,, it's fantastic!

If we were trying to achieve this level of performance upgrade with electronics in this room we are talking about Klimax 350A speakers (+200,000 Kr on top of this system cost). If your room is too lively don't waste any time ... just order one!

Prices range for panel 60*60 cm - 2,7m*1,2m from 200 kr - 12,000 kr with ''LINN-Art'' prints. You can of course print any picture you like and in full colour.

**DEMO EX (tab above) list updated**

fredag 11 november 2011

Friday Music!


Room Acoustic solutions that look great!

Peoples and Schmidt have a new partner for room acoustics and the first products in our range arrived just 5 minutes ago ...

We of course chose to use pictures of the worlds longest living HiFi product, The LINN SONDEK LP12, but with this technology you can print any photograph on our panels which are up to 2,7m wide. We have a series of fantastic shots of the LP12 to order so please drop in to check them out and they are available in custom sizes to suit your requirement. You can of course place them together to cover a greater area or just for added effect.

So what do they do ... simple ... they hang there looking great and drastically improve your room acoustics not just for when you listen to HiFi but for everyday life. If sound in your home is a problem for example do you get agitated or feel panicked by the noise when you have a dinner party ... is it hard to listen to one person when others are talking? If so this will help!

Drop in and let us demonstrate the results ... // Martin

torsdag 10 november 2011

*New* Sneaky DS Room + Akurate, Gold & Klimax room pics updated!

A Sonos slayer! The simple Sneaky DS from LINN is, with LINN's recent advances, one of the most versatile and best sounding solutions available for a budget price High Fidelity system. Integrated digital stream player and amplifier with minimalist design (no controls at all, everything is done wirelessly from ipad, iphone or other tablet). So discreet you don't notice it's there, just amazing sound!

Airplay, Spotify, Youtube, itunes, EVEN 24 Bit Studio master files, Film sound without wires through LINN Songcaster virtual sound-card and a musical performance which slays most so called 'High Fidelity' systems.

''It will challenge any CD player at any price!''

Sneaky Room system today is LINN Sneaky DS (11450 kr) + LINN Unik speakers (4000 kr complete with all cables & installation).

Today's music link tip comes from ''Sportsbilsenthusiasten' ... really good one!

onsdag 9 november 2011

Music tips from 'Maeve O'Boyle'

also Maeve singing Live at The Mill!

tisdag 8 november 2011

Interview with Maeve O'Boyle, Artist, Singer Songwriter ..

P&S: How old are you now Maeve?

Maeve O'Boyle: A lady never revels her age... 24!

P&S: You told me that an artist must break through before they are 30 ... a few years yet! Does it feel like you have broken through?

Maeve O'Boyle: I think i've certainly laid some foundations, but i've not quite got to where i'm going yet! I'm so grateful ( and lucky) to have the support i have from the people who love what i do. But the world's a big place and i've still got alot of things i'd like to do and achieve. Six years to go and the clock is counting...

P&S: Your first album was fantastic ,,, really great! Now you have done an intermission album. What's different between the two and did you do anything on the second that made you want to change on the first?

Maeve O'Boyle: Thank you! All My Sins was written between the ages of 13 and 20 and it was all wrapped up and recorded by the time i turned 21. So it symbolises a huge chunk of my life especially through my teenage years. Intermission was something i felt i had t do. I wanted to give the songs from All My Sins, a more "grown-up" feel and i was really keen to get back to my roots. Just me and a guitar. I think i've changed as a person and as an artist and so intermission was a way of me charting this stage of my life and of my career. For example, i think my voice has changed and i wanted to capture that on tape...

Maeve O'Boyle: i wouldn't change a thing on AMS... its everything it was suppose to be and more

P&S:Well said & true! I have listened to your live recordings you done at the Atlantic records event with LINN in New York. As the critics say ''you can hear a pin drop'' and then you let your voice go ... the range is crazy! Is it possible to capture that range people listen to at your live gigs on a recording?

Maeve O'Boyle: That's a tough question... the recording side of things is so different! It's an intimate experience, just like a live show, but you can never ( in my opinion ) truly capture an artists "live" side on a record. Everything on a record is deliberate and rehearsed. A live show is spontaneous and spur of the moment!

P&S: It seems allot of recordings have the artist sing at a constant volume ... I notice this on AMS that ... well you never whisper or really let go or is it the case that if you do the technician is compensating for it?

Maeve O'Boyle: It's funny because when I'm behind the mic, i feel like im giving it everything i have... so i guess its the job of the producer to pull things back and boost things where it's needed. Records have to be enjoyable to listen to and so the extremes of a voice maybe dont play as much of a role in a record. But that's what's good about having a live show... you can really go for it then

P&S: & you do! Just great! I heard you recently with your full band in Glasgow ... really different and lets you really show off. What's the difference playing with the band?

Maeve O'Boyle: Playing with the band is so much fun! The pressures off a little, because sometimes playing a solo gig can add heaps of pressure. However, playing solo i often feel that the audience gets a little bit more of "me". I like to tell stories and share some jokes. With a band you have to keep things a little "tighter" so I don't tell as many stories. It's a bit like being a host at a party when you have a band, you're trying to keep everyone happy :)

P&S: Now for some quick Q's. What music are you listening to just now?

Maeve O'Boyle: I've been listening to Noah & The Whale allot recently, and the new Coldplay Record. Most recent records ive bought though are Beyonce and Lady Antebellum...

P&S: I know you have allot of material ... when will you record a new album?

Maeve O'Boyle: I'd really like to start recording early next year... maybe have something out before Summer 12...

P&S: MTV awards were in Belfast this year ''nice'', can you picture yourself hopping up on stage and taking an award some day ... would you like that glamour?

Maeve O'Boyle: id definitely like to be nominated for as many awards as possible. It's a great sign that people are enjoying the music your putting out into the world. I think I'd like to win an Ivor Novello for songwriter though... that'd be a highlight for sure!

P&S: OK last q's: What was the best gig you ever done?

Maeve O'Boyle: Peoples & Schmidt

P&S: Ahhaaaa ... much better than the 100,000 gig in Glasgow!!

Maeve O'Boyle: That was the biggest, but maybe not the best! I really enjoy intimate gigs... looking forward to Celtic Connections in January!

P&S: That'll be a good one! Last q's: favourite actors male & female, favourite song you wrote, favourite curry?

Maeve O'Boyle: Favourite Actors - Meryl Streep & Sean Penn, Favourite song is "Facing Home" and favourite curry is " Paneer Rogan Josh" Cause im vegetarian...

P&S: OKy Doky ,,, best of luck with everything! I'm off for a curry ;) Rogan Josh with lamb

Maeve O'Boyle: Haha! That's just cruel...

lördag 5 november 2011

Marshall Mathers ...

All day long ... well until 2 pm anyway ...

Spotify with LINN SONCASTER ... or Apple Airplay ;) (beta) ... your new system LINN DS, ipad ,,, no NAS required!!

fredag 4 november 2011

Lady Carol Kidd?

Personally I loved the Claire Martin & Gareth Williams concert and want more of the same! Artists like this don't come for free but as I'm sure anyone that attended last time will agree, 250 Kr with some wine & beers & one of the world's best Jazz stars was an inexpensive luxury music evening?

So the question is do you want to see ''Lady Carol Kidd'' with Nigel Clark at Peoples & Schmidt?

If so please email me your note of interest and how many places you can think of booking in the event that she plays in December at our place: email martin@peoplesandschmidt.com

BH // Martin

The Good Old Days ...

Watched the film 'American Beauty' last night & heard a Who song .. got inspired! They were cool ...

torsdag 3 november 2011

Don't forget why we buy HiFi?

To work with LINN HiFi is sometimes very special!

I know why I bought my LINN HiFi & it was not particularly because I care about electronics ... actually I don't care about electronics at all, if I did I would make my own!

I bought my LINN HiFi simply to enjoy music, because music enhances my life and to date LINN delivers exactly what I want ... I become involved in what I listen to, in the music, in the lyrics .. in the emotion! I recognise the song or the artist in just a few seconds because what LINN deliver is an honest representation .. you get what's on the CD, File or vinyl and only that! I feel inspired to sell LINN because it delivers music to people in a great way and I want more people to experience what I experience ... simple!

I recently listened to a Krell system with reference Din-audio speakers, a CD player costing around 20/30,000 Euro and cables which not only lit up but you could probably tow a container ship with. On top of that the room was covered in bas traps, strange materials on the roof, the speakers were focussed for a ''sweet-spot''! Almost scary to turn the thing on ... was it going to transport my to another planet?

First impression was 'wal', airy sound, huge sound stage, clean and very dramatic but who was playing? 30 seconds into the song and I realised it was Lennart Cohen ... I mean 30 seconds ... that's an eternity and for one of the most distinct voices in the music industry! My conclusion ..

1M Sek, a ruined home that looks like a lab & your favourite artist is hard to recognise! Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I had a visit from a ''guru''! He declared immediately that he had helped 'Anders' (Tonläget) make LINN Katan sound more ''LINN than LINN'' by changing the crossover. I should at this stage fall on my knees and hail this amazing Guru whom helped LINN be more LINN but I thought ''here we go''! His friend with him didn't understand HiFi so he would, with our rooms, demonstrate what you should look out for ... explain high end hifi for someone that didn't understand!

Request: ''I need a song that challenges the speakers, some Jazz maybe''
My reply: ''Claire Martin played here last week in our shop, she was fantastic & we recorded it, do you want to start with listening to it then to her own studio CD?''
Reply: ''No I need a real recording/music''
Action from me: Claire Martin studio album it is then (bit boring I thought but there we go, immediately no interest in music). He talked with his friend and I worked away then swapped to Katie Malua ... Response : ''that is awful, those speakers'' are playing really badly''

Martin: Shall we move to the Akurate system room? A new song!
Gura: ''Yes, that's much better but the bas is too low''
Martin: Have you heard this music before ,,, how much bas should there be on that song?
Guru: ''No but there should be more than that ... LINN reduce the bas on their speakers''
Guru: ''The first Klimax system needs fixing/better -placement ... I'm just giving you advice!''
Martin: ''Please help and place the speakers as you will, there is even some fine adjustment on the back of the speakers you can use''.
Guru: ''Yes I'll do that, how many DB's does the adjustment do?
Martin: ''I have no idea, I just adjust and listen until I reach an optimum''
Gura: ''Ha ha, you have to know this if you work with these products''
Martin: ''No I don't, it's just to listen, I can imagine it's probably 1 or two DB's and just three placements on each, trebble, mid, bas''
Guru: ''Ha ha, I work in 0,001's of DB's''
Martin: ''Help me god, release my pain ... please'' I never said this loud! I'll adjust and you listen so you can say when it's better! I move the adjustment 1 click and back one click to the same position ;)! Bit cheeky!
Gura: That's better! I'll adjust the speakers as well!
Guru adjusts the position of the speakers placing them much closer to the wall ... ''yes you can listen now, this is much better''
I sit down and listen ... he has maxed the bas and minimal on the mid & treble. IT IS TRULY AWFUL ... I raise the volume and ask if he can follow any notes on the bas or can follow the melody''
Guru: ''Yes I agree it's worse, these speakers don't work in this room''
Martin: ''Ok but you said you had tuned in them .... Hmnnn OK, what should I use?''
Gura: ''I think some small ''on-the-wall-speakers'' would be good here''
Martin: My room is almost 90 m2 ,,, Hmnnn!!! I never said that!
Guru: ''I make on wall speakers, I'll come by and demonstrate them to you''

There was no mention about music at all ... nothing about melody, emotion ... artists ... He asked for Jazz but hadn't listened to 'Monica Zetterlund & Bill Evans' before & immediately asked to swap track when I started to play it. One of my favourite Jazz albums! There was allot of chat about frequencies and only about speakers ,,, he (tuned in my speakers) placed the speakers as close to the wall as physically possible & it was really awful (Hmnn he sells on wall speakers) ones that you can hear 0,001's of DB's with on each frequency! No consideration to room acoustics, volume of the room ... this was just a bad system ... a BAD LINN KLIMAX SYSTEM! Yes our largest room is not optimal but it's pretty nice and you can absolutely enjoy music at the highest level, connect with the melody and artist! I'm enjoying it as I write!

I did ask ''how many DB's does the super tweeter need adjusted'' but this just was getting cheeky by that point so retracted the question!

Please don't forget why you want a great HiFi ... MUSIC!!!!! If you are not listenning to the music your are not judging performance!

Please bring any system to our shop and if anything plays music better than our LINN systems I recommend you buy it! Don't ask me what frequencies the Majik 109's go down to or how many watts or ohms or anything else as I am deliberately de-educating myself from that approach! It's of no interest ... of no relevance and not why you should buy an expensive HiFi ... again, please just listen to the music when comparing systems ... that's what matters!

I'm listening to Eva Cassidy, Wade in the water! Children wading the water ... creates images in my head ... hurts a bit ... images of deep south USA, light ... religion .. new Orleans even a little blues ... it's an emotional performance ... all credit to Eva Cassidy

I haven't really thought through the lyrics so much but that's what I get when I listen ... I checked it out on Wikipedia:

The main chorus is:

Wade in the water.
Wade in the water children.
Wade in the water.
God's gonna trouble the water.

The song relates to both the Old and New Testaments. The verses reflect the Israelites escape out of Egypt as found in Exodus:14.[1] The chorus refers to healing: see John 5:4, "For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had."

Many internet sources and popular books claim that songs such as "Wade in the Water" contained explicit instructions to fugitive slaves on how to avoid capture and the route to take to successfully make their way to freedom.[2] This particular song allegedly recommends leaving dry land and taking to the water as a strategy to throw pursuing bloodhounds off one's trail.

"Wade in the Water" was a popular instrumental hit in 1966 for the Ramsey Lewis Trio, which prompted further instrumental recordings by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, and Billy Preston (both 1967). The melody was used for the 1988 Tony Toni Tone hit "Little Walter". The version by The Golden Gate Quartet also appears on the album Nick Cave - Roots & Collaborations (2009), establishing the song as one of the musical sources that have inspired the Australian artist.

"Wade in the Water, Children" is a 2008 American Documentary directed and produced by Elizabeth Wood and Gabriel Nussbaum. It was filmed by a group of 8th grade student at the first school to reopen in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The film offers a shockingly intimate look into life as a child in the ruined city. The film was praised as "Scalding Stuff" by Newsday, and won the audience award at the New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival.

Would I have made any conclusion listening to the bas or how many DB's on the Super Tweeter? No I wouldn't! Would I have felt the same listening to a simpler HiFi for example the clever SONOS streamer ... probably not ... that's easy to understand surely?

onsdag 2 november 2011

Check out this one, *LIVE* from our shop!

This SONGCASTER is starting to be a problem ,,, not getting any work done here!

It's amazing what you can get from an iphone4! Not Bad! Calum Malcolm, watch your back!

Facebook Link of the day!

Today's link is from Nick Ström, a pretty handy musician based in Gothenburg.
Basically I have no idea whom Matteas Hellberg is but I liked it and there are more links on TV4 play!

Click the picture to link to the video and of course if you have a LINN system you can send the music direct to your LINN HiFi with SONGCASTER.

You can see Nick himself (Bjurman Band) Live:
2 Göteborg - GRANDE FINALE @ Pusterviksbaren
5 Degerfors - RONANDER BLUES @ Golden Times, Folkets Hus

tisdag 1 november 2011

Go Aktiv with LINN

We shall now commence on making the Gold-Room our AKTIV room. To start with we will place MDSi + M140 + M6100 with Aktiv cards.