Main Room

LINN EXAKT - AKUBARIK Aktiv speakers playing in our main room with Akurate Exakt DSM.

On demonstration

- KLIMAX EXAKT DSM Digital Stream player, pre-amp, HDMi, black finish, latest specification:  (list 175,000 Sek) 
- Akurate DSM Digital Stream player, pre-amp, HDMi, black finish, latest specification:  (list 62,000 Sek) 
- Akurate DS, Digital Stream player, black finish, latest specification:  (list 52,500 Sek) 
- Akurate Kontrol, pre-amplifier in black finish, latest specification:  (list 49,950 Sek)
- Akurate 2200, 2 channel Power amplifier:  (list 39,950 Sek) 
- Akurate 4200, 4 channel Power amplifier:  (list 58,950 Sek)
. Majik DSM Digital Stream player, pre-amp, power-amp, with HDMi, latest specification:  (list 32,000 Sek) 
- Majik 6100, 6 channel power amplifier, black, latest specification:  (list 36,830 Sek) 
- Keel reference sub chassis for LP12  (list 29100 Sek) 
- KIKO, Digital Stream player, pre-amp, HDMi,white finish complete with speakers (list 28,000 Sek)
- AVA Media Maestro-50 (digital amplifier) 2995 Sek
- Coming soon AVA Media Precision 150 W, 4 digi + 1 analogue
- AVA Media Zara Premium (app controlled digital streamer with HDMi, SPDIF + 4 USB, 2tb onboard and ripping function) - 23750 Sek
- AVA Media RipnPlay (app controlled upnp digital streamer with SPDIF out, up to 2TB with on-board ripping function) - from 9995 Sek

- Book to listen to our Klimax system including the amazing LINN KLIMAX SOLO's in the latest specification, quite possibly worlds best power amplifiers. (Silver)

Here is a beautiful pair of used AV5140 in an unusual cherry finish ...