måndag 21 mars 2016


AkuDSM.jpgLinn has won an astonishing 7 prizes in the 2016 WEKA Product of the Year Awards.

These represent the votes of over 33,000 readers of German publications Audio and Stereoplay.

In the Stereoplay ‘Complete Systems’ category, Linn took home the gold medal for a set-up comprising an Akurate DSMAkurate Exaktbox and Majik Isobarikloudspeakers.

Individual honours were also given to the Ekos SE tonearm, Klimax DSMAkurate DSMMajik DSM and Majik DSalongside Linn’s latest compact and customisable system, Series 5.

Thanks to everyone who voted for their favourite Linn products.

torsdag 10 mars 2016

LINN Krystal Pick-up

I installed the new LINN Krystal pick-up (with Akurate LP12) yesterday ... truly fantastic ... it sat in the groove perfectly and brought up a huge amount of information and presented a well balanced performance from some of the great vinyl we played. 

''A big investment at 15,950 Sek but it's an absolute bargain at that price'' 

I don't have an Akiva and comparative analog LINN system on dem to compare properly A vs B, but with Krystal on an Akurate LP12, together with Exakt Akubarik system (KDSM/Exakt) I don't think there is much doubt it beats the Akiva reference LP12 on analog Akubarik (Analog Klimax DSM) I demonstrated last year. 

onsdag 2 mars 2016


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''LINN Klimax 350A/Dynamik (Aktiv REFERENCE Analog högtalarna, uppgraderings fötter, Fin Skick)''

PRICE: 185,000 SEK. (List 390,000 sek)