onsdag 21 maj 2014


Having spent even more time with LINN's NEW EXAKT SYSTEM, I'd like to add something to what I wrote previously (http://linnhifi.blogspot.se/2014/04/linn-exakt-akubarik.html )

 ''LINN EXAKT brings you closer to and exposes your work from the studio'' ... 

Mixing and mastering a piece of music is complicated. There are unavoidable choices to be made for example when a frequency from one instrument simply cancels another sound out (software programs, not just your ears help highlight this). There are also personal choices ... character that can be added from a certain unit on the rack or even digitally with a plug-in. There are musical choices which include levels of individual tracks (a guitar track for example) and arrangement. Panning left or right, sound stage, phase .... there are masses of tricks to bake into the cake and each engineer has their own special recipe. Then of course they have to tailor that recipe to their audience .. is it radio play which they ''wrongly assume is listened to on bad HiFi'' or will the listener be an enthusiast with an amazing LINN system?

(the above picture is a screen-shot from the modern day producers computer. Plug-ins are all the rage and you can simulate everything from a vintage Neve desk to a Neumann 87 mike. You can even play the drum kit virtually from Abbey Road studios and add it to your music. I am ''sorry'' to say it sounds amazing and very real and it improves almost daily.


What studios are not recognising, or chose not to, is the dramatic improvement in the capability of high end HiFi and that even the low-fi has become 'higher'. Listening back to great recordings on the new LINN Exakt system reveals more than I have ever heard before and improves the performance at home dramatically. I'd say it sounds better than anything I have heard in any studio ... BUT ...

I know the guys that wrote most of 'Pink's' songs so maybe I should tread carefully but I'm not going to. Played on LINN's new Exakt system, a recent track I heard from 'Pink' sounded absolutely awful ... to the point I can't listen. All those tricks the engineer used to maximise the performance for the target audience, radio-play/low-fi, where the mix/mastering has more focus on compensating for bad equipment than anything to do with making the best possible 'sound' for the performance, leaves very little of the potential of that piece of work left on the file you buy.


So music-studios please take note of  this ... whereas analogue recordings from the 60's now sound better than ever, YOU, NOT YOUR DIGITAL EQUIPMENT, ARE CREATING JUNK that simply cannot be listened to in the future.

Audio improvements are everywhere, the iphone/android & cheap headphones can blow my mind. Quality has arrived and will soon be in the hands of the majority. I can't count how many customers have come into my shop over these last years and moaned about 'kids with plugs in their ears listening to bad quality'.

You should have a listen to what they are listening to and you will change your judgement. It sounds pretty damn good.

My point is the studios must react so the music recorded today is as good to listen to in the future. Music is culture, it's the representation of a point in time and it's bloody important so stop ruining it for future generations. If it sounds this good already with a streaming service on an phone, it's going to sound allot better in the future. On top of that you are killing off the future commercial potential of that work for both you and the artist ... your killing off what you worked for ... your art!

It's stupid, it's narrow minded, it's spoiling it for all of us and it's extremely irresponsible!!!! Stop It!!

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måndag 19 maj 2014

LINN Exakt now available to purchase as separates ...

Akurate Exakt DSM: 45,000 Sek
Akurate Exakt Akubarik 235,000 Sek
Klimax Exakt DSM 108,000 Sek
Klimax Exakt 350 437,000 Sek
Klimax Exakt Tunebox (each) 108,000 Sek

Upgrade Akubarik Aktiv to Klimax Exakt DSM + Exakt Module (for speakers) 206,800 Sek

fredag 16 maj 2014

Big thanks to all whom attended *LIVE @ Peoples & Schmidt* events over the last weeks ..

As always we kicked off with 'The Boss', Maeve O'Boyle supported by Swedish band 'Good Harvest' at the end of April in our shop on Linnegatan5, Gothenburg.

We switched the PA system off after 'Good Harvest' and were treated to an amazing performance from Maeve whom delivered brand new material with the intensity only Maeve can deliver. Supported on (Emerald Guitar) by Rosie MacDoom of rock band Gogobot.

A few days later it was time for the new kids on www.toytownrecords.com Marina Rolink & Scope. Marina ''charmed the pants'' off the select audience in our shop on Linnegatan 5, Gothenburg and Scope rocked it out big time with support from Gordon MacNeil on guitar/vocals from rock band Gogobot and Marina on piano/vocals.

The scene is set at Peoples & Schmidt new LINN/naim-showroom opening party at Makajo with custom graffiti backdrop, New York style. Scope wasted no time in getting them involved and into the party mood with an awesome explosive Hip-Hop performance.

Party starts with well over 300 guests from design,  Architect and music branch.

Photo of the night goes to Marina whom put her audience into tears ... fantastic! When joined by Scope and Gordon (Playing Emerald X20 Guitar), later on the sofa ... they literally mesmorised their audience. Huge thanks to Maeve, Rosie, Gordon, Lewis (Scope) & Marina ... and all my new partners at Makajo Showroom.

måndag 5 maj 2014

*Live* Wednesday 6:30 at Peoples & Schmidt

Two amazing young stars from Toytownrecords play our unique scene this Wednesday evening. Scope reached Uk #9 iTunes Charts with His debut single and Marina, newely signed, made the most impressive Swedish debut last Saturday *live at the Ladan* making grown men cry ...

Warm welcome ... 100kr to artists costs and limited numbers. 0760071281 by SMS or email martin@peoplesandschmidt.com