onsdag 22 maj 2013

Doors now open 6:30 for this Friday's event ...

Hope you have been one of the lucky ones to get a ticket for this Friday's "live" event with Emily Barker. If you want to join us please call Gustaf 0707214804 to see if there are any spaces. .. I think there were 4 left earlier today!

See http://beerbliotek.se/#contact-us for location details. Doors now open 6:30, tickets 250 seek with food and one free luxury beer, payable in advance.


fredag 3 maj 2013

NEXT EVENT: abandinabrewery ... part 2 with Emily Barker 24th May 2013.

After a great launch event with Maeve O'Boyle we are extremely pleased to have booked an amazing artist from Australia and currently LINN's hottest new signing, Emily Barker.

Tickets available in advance payable (no cards) to Peoples & Schmidt shop or to be left in an envelope with your name (not before your space has been confirmed by email - just 50 spaces) to cafe Dopio which is 10m past our shop.

A vegetarian meal, a luxury beer and of course the concert is included in the price of just 250 Sek.
venue: http://www.beerbliotek.se/

Warm welcome to abandinabrewery ... more info on Emily Barker can be found on www.emily-barker.com

NEWS: from Emily Barker

Release Date of 'Dear River' Announced

So the cat's out the bag!
We're releasing 'Dear River' on Linn Records on 8th July.
We'll be announcing pre-orders very soon, firstly to the mailing list. So if you're not a subscriber, please do sign up to get first dibs on exclusives, limited editions etc: MAILING LIST
But just to give you a taste of what's to come, here's a video of us rehearsing in preparation for our Union Chapel show last November. The song is called 'Ghost Narrative'. Hope you enjoy it!

torsdag 2 maj 2013

My first impression of LINN's NEW Akubarik's

Firstly I am all in favour of compact systems so for me it's a great advantage that they are fully active. Technical information you can get from the designer on the following video link http://vimeo.com/search?q=akubarik

I can pick a few points about the design. I don't like blue lights ... I'd hoped it would be smaller to fit more of my customers that have smaller rooms and apartments with neighbours. But actualythey look great, very tidy indeed. A good start and very interesting but how do they perform?

The obvious reference systems are Akurate 242 Aktiv with LINN Akurate amps or Klimax 350A's reference speakers.

Straight off the Akurate 242's can't compete on the bottom end. The Akubariks deliver controlled base no matter the volume. Whether the 3k array performs better than on aktive 242, I don't know but it's probably quite similar. It is very good. It's all very good and well balanced. At no point did I experience any issues with frequencies overlapping and cancellations. This may be the reason they were so easy to place in the room ... quite amazingly easy to position even in our half.cellar which, though this a big space, it still mostly consists of concrete.

To be honest our room is difficult and yes the base was set too high (factory setting which can be adjusted) but actually why there were no strange frequency problems that I get with almost every other speaker, requiring placement adjustment, I don't know. It's less relevant how they done it or why it works ... it's just great that they have achieved this.

So to 350A's. Again it's the base system that is the obvious difference. On reference 350's the base is front mounted and servo. It also has an accelerometer and room adjusts. It's a beast which can literally punch you in the chest! On the Akubariks the attack comes from the upper front mounted base with the Isobarik system sending the low base downwards and non-directional. It's a very different experience! I'd have to listen more to say what's my preference but what I would say is this is probably the deciding factor between 350A's and Akubariks. I'm guessing you prefer one or the other system and it will be a personal choice not a musical one!

Akubariks are awesome and in a league with 350A's which are more than double the price. I can't think of a single competitor in the price range (165000). ATC make well balance speakers but it's not even close to the finesse and information delivery that either Akubarik or 350A deliver. They have just too much background noise!

I read a few comments on LINN forum and one I picked up on and more about after I got feedback from another customer that borrowed home our Klimax Kontrol. He had tried Akurate and said that Akurate presents the information really well, beautifully! When He tried Klimax Kontrol He realised there was so much more information available and that's what Klimax does ... presents it all!

I'd say this is less relevant for the Akubariks as I feel they are at what we know as Klimax Level. Our test was however done with ADSM and yes I have to admit if I'd tested with Klimax electronics it would have been another level.

I'm giving LINN 10 from 10 for Akubarik. A relief after Majik Isobarik which just never delivered for me! Great job, a very agressive price to take space in the market and yes ... I want a pair!

Biggest positives. Great over the volume range. Incredibly smooth ... no frequencies missing and relaxed control over all the frequencies. Great looking! Great size and less boxes ...

Smooth smooth smooth