lördag 29 september 2012

Playing your LINN ...

''Can your LINN play the sound from any device you have at home whether it is connected wirelessly, with a cable, the internet or even virtually on your network ... digital or analogue?'' 


LINN KINSKY software is FREE and gives you control!

Download free to any touch screen mobile device like iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android device or any computer and control your LINN. Select room, Sources, search & select from your media library (even itunes) or even select & play your LINN from within 3rd party apps like SPOTIFY or YouTube ...
You can play sound from any digital or analogue source available today be it internet radio, stored music on your network, film, cloud based music services, vinyl ....

You can distribute that sound to any room or multiple rooms in your home

Internet Radio  .  24 Bit 192 playback  .  HDMi  .  Analogue  .  DAC  .  AD


-AIRPLAY from mobile APPLE devices (itouch/iphone/ipad). To use AIRPLAY simply click the AIRPLAY symbol and chose your LINN System within the application you are using whether it be Youtube, SPOTIFY, iTunes or any other application. This also applies to MAC laptops/desktops.
- From Mac or PC laptops or computers you can install LINN's free SONGCAST software and any sound from any brand computer will be played onto your LINN system. This can be used for SPOTIFY, film, iTunes, YouTube, Windows media player, Volo Veiw, ORB ..... or even as playback for your studio software like Pro-Tools.

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Network your LINN systems so you can listen to perfectly synchronised  'party-mode' or different music in different rooms or any combination of that using LINN's SONGCAST 
With a LINN DSM product, you can even distribute an analogue source like vinyl throughout the entire home.

Read here about a reference installation in Båstad, Sweden we recently completed ...

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Play stored music (any format) from anywhere or your network (or even remotely stored) up to the best of the best quality available for purchase today: Studio Master quality 24 Bit 192 Htz. 
Wherever you choose to store your music, be it a computer, a network hard drive or even a mobile device like iPad, you can play back that music through your network to your LINN.

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Use your LINN to playback more than just music. Connect your Blueray Player, Games Consol, TV, Digibox .... and any digital source with HDMi or optical. Connect vinyl or other analogue sources or even connect virtually you PC or MAC through your Network with LINN Songcast. 

Everything you own can be connected and the sound will be better through you LINN!

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The Gaslight Anthem


torsdag 27 september 2012

Andy Williams passses away aged 84 ...

Andy Williams famous for 'Moon River' has passed. The 1961 song written by Henri Mancini with text from John Mercer has been covered by just about everyone. One of my absolute favourites is the super talented Lady Carol Kidd that recorded the song on Her latest album.

I play that almost daily in our shop but you can also listen & buy it on LINNRecords

Here is a youtube clip of the original ... sung with style ... hands in pockets!

måndag 24 september 2012

LIVE Sessions @ Peoples & Schmidt

First a huge thanks to everyone that supported us and came to the Maeve O'Boyle LIVE concert last Thursday evening and supported Maeve by buying Her limited edition pre-release USB (MP3, 16 & 24 Bit, Film, PDF booklet).

Brilliant night and Maeve really blew the roof off!

If you took any phots's or video please email them to me and I'll set them up on this Blogg.

We recorded the gig in 24 Bit, so those that bought the USB will soon be able to download onto their USB the recording from the night. (Keep an eye on this Blog for details).

Andy, the super talented Piano player made a few timing misses but for the most was brilliant and if you think this was the first time they had played the new album together LIVE ,,, WAL ...

So it may not include all the songs but hopefully enough so you can listen back and re-live, what was a great evening.

For those that missed it ... shame on you ... just kidding! For those that missed it I have a few signed USB's for sale (250Kr). Email me at martin@peoplesandschmidt.com

With your support we can have many more fantastic evenings ...

Big thanks to Andy (Gothenburg) that came with several friends and wrote this delightful email to me the day after:

Dear Martin

Thank-you for your hospitality, and for organising such a fantastic gig.   It was an absolute pleasure to come and listen to Maeve sharing her new album with us first in Gothenburg  !….what a touching moment, and what a cracking album.    

All my friends also enjoyed the night….not your average Thursday night in Gothenburg..they didn't realise what a special evening it was going to be ...they were quite blown away and will be talking about this for quite some time I feel   !!

Ryan MacDowell was rather a star as well I think ….I loved his single

I will pop in and see you soon…..after all…..I will need something on which to play my signed 24bit audio master album now I have it !



Ok this is not music related but I just love the term .. V.U.C.A

''.. But running a business in a  todays VUCA environment laying 3-5 year plans is high risk:) ''

V.U.C.A. (pronounced voo – ka) is an acronym for an environment that is dominated by:

Volatility – where things change fast but not in a predictable trend or repeatable pattern.
Uncertainty – where major “disruptive” changes occur frequently. In this environment, the past is not an accurate predictor of the future, and identifying and preparing for “what will come next” is extremely difficult.
Complexity — where there are numerous difficult-to-understand causes and mitigating factors involved in a problem.
Ambiguity – where the causes and the “who, what, where, when, how, and why” behind the things that are happening are unclear and hard to ascertain.