torsdag 26 april 2012

I played this at the HiFi show at the weekend with Spotify & LINN Songcast ...

I have been a fan of Christy Moore since I have been a fan of music. Ask any Irishman about Christy Moore & watch them get goosebumps ...

fredag 20 april 2012

RIP Levon Helm ...

Christoffer put out this song on his FB account today in memory of Levon Helm ....

tisdag 17 april 2012

Meet Peoples & Schmidt @ Sweetspot HiFi show this coming weekend.

LINN at Sweet-Spot High End HiFi Show 21/22 April 2012

Peoples & Schmidt are proud to be representing LINN at the upcoming High End HiFi show in Jönköping on 21/22 April 2012. Warm welcome to all of our existing customers and to our new ones whom we hope to meet at the show // Martin

torsdag 12 april 2012

Learning new songs off the pro's ...

Gordon (GoGoBot) was teaching me 'The Bulldog & The Wasp' last night on my sofa which was going well with him saying ,,, ''it goes, di di dididid di di'' then I got frustrated with his mumbling of tunes so we started on traditional Scots folk technique with Maeve O'Boyle ...

Maeve's comment of the night when I was trying a 'hammer' technique (think its called that) was ''It's better if you do it with a CHORD Martin''

That was sharp!! Guitar lessons finished 'BED!'

tisdag 10 april 2012

** DEM-ex list, April 2012 .... list updated **

Majik DSM ... Now with HDMi


The MDSi/M has now received HDMi inputs making it an even more versatile solution
 to help keep LINN's promise of ''making everything sound better''

Click HERE to read more

torsdag 5 april 2012

When a customer asks you for the truth ... sometimes it's hard to reveal what you have been up to ...

Martin came into the shop today and asked me 'Have you any New music?' ... my answer '''Hmnnn ... not really ..'' 
After a second or twos deliberation I revealed the truth .... I'm into Neil Diamond just now! So I thought I'd just go for it and reveal my sins to the world - check out what I found!

tisdag 3 april 2012

I got the chance to go and see Eric Gadd last week (Thanks for the ticket Anna) with the Bohuslands Big Band at Lorensbergshallen. First of all, what a great venue, never knew it existed!

I have listened to about 5 seconds of Eric Gadd before but got a tip from a LINN customer (cheers Glenn) that he'd seen them in Borås & they were great! YES GREAT!!

Started easy with what felt was everybody finding their feet, the big band, Eric & even the audience. I guess it's always like this when even the hard core fans don't know what to expect from the collaboration. The concert quickly gained momentum and I can 100% confirm now that yes ''you can find 'funk' in Sweden''!

Sound was just great too! When there are so many instruments on stage all playing often half of it is lost in the rumble ... a pet hate of mines! I thought this was the case when I seen two of the band pick up their flutes & start playing, I closed my eyes & there they were ... not bad!

To steal a phrase from the Johnny Cash film ''I don't believe you Mister Cash (Gadd)'' ... but actually whether he feels genuine or not doesn't matter ... great show, great artist, great band & great big band! I got inspired & yes I'm listening to Mr Gadd right now ... waiting for the collaboration record ... if it comes? with Bohuslands Big band! I'm giving the evening a whacking 8:10 ...