tisdag 9 augusti 2016

Sista dagarna för LINN sommar offerten ... slut 15 Augusti

Free upgrades with integrated speakers

Choose the performance and elegance of an integrated speaker and we’ll upgrade your Klimax or Akurate network music player to the latest spec for free.
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Upgrade with Exaktbox for less

Add an Exaktbox to your system, and save on the upgrade to your Klimax or Akurate network music player.
+2 channels of amplification
More channels mean more performance, whether you’re bi-amping or upgrading to Exakt. Get two channels free with Akurate and Majik amps.

Villa Holme

for naming Peoples & Schmidt as official partners and inviting Me into their beautiful home.

Villa Holme: now boasting a beautiful Linn system

READ MORE ABOUT VILLA HOLME ... http://www.villaholme.no

Summaren är slut ... nu behöver vi musiken ändå mer!