tisdag 28 april 2015

onsdag 22 april 2015

Withered Hand & Jacques Labouchere *LIVE* 30 April from 7pm @ Beerbliotek

UPDATE: Monday 27th April

If anyone would like to pre-order their food (or any special requirement like vegetarian) then you can do this and pay it with your ticket in advance. The average cost is 85 Sek but I can send details for any special in advance of payment. email: martin@peoplesandschmidt.com or sms: 0760071281.

Welcome to Beerbliotek in collaboration with MusicMakes & Peoples & Schmidt for an evening of great beer and music. Withered Hand is a solo project of Dan Wilson, an Edinburgh based indie/folk-pop act. After releasing 2 EP's Dan teamed up with legendary American producer Mark Kramer, releasing His first full album in 2010, Good News. http://tidalhifi.com/album/9287463 Two LP's followed before His 2nd studio album New Gods was released in 2014 helped along by members of Belle & Sebastian, The Vaselines and Black Tambourines. Jacques Labouchere USA, now Gothenburg based, will feature with Dan on this live event. http://www.jacqueslabouchere.com/

Warm welcome! Tickets 150 Kr in advance Swish 0760071281. or call for alternative payment methods. Email martin@peoplesandschmidt.com Beerbliotek (Sockerbruket, Klippan, Göteborg) will be open from 6:00 serving great bar food at reduced price and of course their own hand-crafted beers and other refreshments, also below bar prices.

söndag 5 april 2015