fredag 30 januari 2015

onsdag 28 januari 2015

Bringing 'LIVE' music to Stockholm


Peoples & Schmidt are home to 'Musicmakes', label, music management, venues and bookings. 
Musicmakes are bringing 'Live' music to Stockholm, from February, the first of many nights to be held in Stockholm is at Nalen with bands:

Mother Kasbian
on Friday 13th February from 9pm. 
Tickets 100 kr from the venue. Warm welcome!

Vinyl Sales

We have teamed up with and are now stocking some of the coolest vinyl you can get your hands on.

We have selected some real classics, quality vinyl at good prices and YES ... I'm having to try really hard not to just buy it all myself!

Please drop by and  well ... buy some!! // Martin


Click on the above tab or HERE 

måndag 26 januari 2015

söndag 25 januari 2015

LINN Akudorik Passive Available Now

Akudorik Passive Available Now
We're delighted to announce that Akudorik Passive loudspeakers are available to order now.

These elegant and beautifully-styled loudspeakers will make a welcome addition to any music lover's home.

In its standard passive configuration, Akudorik’s performance belies its compact size.

When upgraded to Exakt, its performance is truly stunning.

It provides the greatest flexibility in the journey towards Exakt, whether you add the integrated Exakt Dorik Stand or choose separate amplifiers and an Akurate Exaktbox.

tisdag 20 januari 2015

'LIVE' @ P&S Fridag 23 Jan kl 19:00

Intim 'LIVE' inspelning med en världs artist i vårt fantastisk intim miljö.

Jonathan Carr, wrote the 2014 Commonwealth Games anthem featuring The Vaccines, Franz Ferdinand and Frightened Rabbit.
John Mayer : “A voice from outer space”
The Sunday Mail ''An outstanding talent'' *****
Biljetter 150 Sek för att betala artist. SMS 0760071281 eller email helst senaste Torsdag.