fredag 28 juni 2013

Summer opening ..

We have some important custom installation projects to finish off, thus will be working through the tradition Swedish closure period of July, but we will also try to open the shop some of the time during the month as well.

Please just check this site the day you will travel to see if we are open, call or sms. 0708948229 or preferably book a cost-free appointment and get the place to yourselves.

Have a great summer ...

Andy's at Wimbledon ... with keith

by Stuart Fraser
Thursday 27 June 2013
Andy Murray and Keith Meisner used to travel together on the junior tour, both aiming to perform one day in front of a large crowd at Wimbledon. The former fulfilled that particular dream many years ago. The latter will finally fulfill his on Friday, although perhaps not quite in the way he once expected.
Meisner, an amateur musician under the name ‘The Exile of Elgin’,

tisdag 25 juni 2013

The next band to perform for abandinabrewery is ...

 ... Gothenburg's very own Selsius whom have recently signed to Toytownrecords

Watch on YOUTUBE

After two great events, the first with Maeve O'Boyle and the second with Emily Barker we are presenting a full band this time. This is a great young band, super talented ... fantastic live and predicted to be playing stadiums in the future. FUN!

More details soon  ...

lördag 15 juni 2013

A little treat on east 25th Street NYC ...

Firstly I just love this sign. It's hard to see from the photo but it was a fantastic gold print, slightly beaten no doubt from the NYC winter ... just so simple, so genuine and strangely enough enticing. You immediately think ''this is what I have come to NYC for ... this is what you find in NYC!''

So what do you get when you step in? 

Well you get the sound of an amazing vinyl of course played on some old but amazingly 'right' sounding HiFi components and no you don't recognise the music but you want it immediately and they know your going to ask ... you seen the sign, the window, you fealt the calm when you came in, can see them behind the computer ''checking out cool stuff, cool gigs, reviews ... old instruments'' whilst simultaneously keeping a finger tapping in perfect time with the music ... 

This is a place of knowledge ... the people who know come here! The people who know work here. The people who know that work here know if you know what they know ... just by looking at you! 

Luckily I had my 4 year old with me to create a diversion and it's written all over my face I'm diggin this place, I'm impressed and I know they know ... Yip I have a double 'get out of jail card'! This Scott knows the score ...

You understand immediately they know everything there is to know about the album playing, they are going to tell you all about it ... the whole story ... because they know ... they are probably going to reference some other bands, some influences and look at you straight in the eyes for confirmation you are following and confirmation ... that you are into records, that you know enough about music to warrant sharing this privileged information! Yip it's a 100% genuine NYC, Hip record store ...

You gotta LOVE it ...

P:S it's just a stones throw from The Fish bar ... now rated in my top 10 bars of all time!

fredag 14 juni 2013

I'm back!

It's been a few years since I had a proper semester so I'm very happy to say I am recharged after a 5 week long trip to New York & Boston.

As a music retailer, of course I was seeking inspiration and was very impressed how they do things in the US. This guitar shop in the village, Manhattan, NYC was a real treat. Impeccably kept for a start but you get an immediate sense of the value of the product they present. It's very easy to find what you want, test it yourself in great bespoke playing rooms and the staff are super attentive. The differentiation between the discount internet shopping best price hunt and what you get from this shop more than justifies the 'list' price tags.

''we play every guitar that comes in, our experts trim and adjust them perfectly with our specialist set-up equipment .. it's tuned ready to play. You can hear the difference. This is a great shop with good people, we are successful and we do what we love. The people making our high end guitars are the same ... they made them with their hands ... it's a tradition, craftsmanship and the way they are sold must reflect that. We have some cheaper stuff as people must start somewhere but if it's discount you want, buy on the internet ... lose the experience, the expert sales and the after-sales and pray your guitar wasn't badly stored, needs adjustment after transit or just wasn't what you wanted ... ''

Tough talking and a tough stance but I heard similar comments in NYC, Boston, & Maine. They are really putting value on where things are made and how they are made ... whether it was guitars, cars or even food. HiFi shops were the same where surprisingly European brands seemed to overshadow the US heavyweights in the branch. Like here the shift was definitely toward ''less is more'', multi-room or straight off retro with vinyl. It's either ''I want the best sound, it must look great and as few boxes as possible with multi room'' or ''I'm a retro guy and want to show it''. You can buy a record player and almost any 'Hip' vinyl album from the 'Urban Outfitters' clothing shop on Broadway and one HiFi shop that impressed me had a similar combined approach with of course vinyl and systems.

The guy in the top picture with the outrageous jacket on was really funny ... lovely guy, very open and very interesting to talk to and literally smelled of money. Having just secured the purchase of a very rare and fantastically expensive guitar He was dragged off to - and I quote ''Treat his Wife to some diamonds''.

Please take time to watch this video ...