tisdag 3 juli 2012

Summer Promo

Linn News: +2 promo back for limited time

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 02:31 AM PDT
Turn on, tune in and power up with +2
Linn’s +2 promotion is back by popular demand.  Add 2 extra channels of amplification for free when you buy any Majik or Akurate power amplifier between 1st July and 14th September 2012.

+2 means that you can get a Majik 4100 for the price of a Majik 2100, an Akurate 4200 for the price of an Akurate 2200, and so on, giving you +2 amplifier channels completely free.

Alternatively, if you’re buying an amplifier to go fully Aktiv, we’ll let you choose between the extra channels you need or free Aktiv cards…whichever saves you more money.

Why +2?

Although one amplifier channel is enough to power a speaker, more amp channels really make it sing!

Adding an extra two channels of amplification immediately allows you to bi-amp a stereo playback system to get significantly better sound instantly. Bi-amping reduces distortion and increases separation between high and low frequencies, and powers individual speaker drive units with greater efficiency and control.

Our +2 promo helps you to reach the number of amplification channels you need to bi-amp your system for less and hear the difference Linn power amplifiers can make to everything you listen to at home.

From bi-amping to fully Aktiv

Bi-amping is an easy first step along the multi-amping path (tri-amping, quad-amping) towards the audio nirvana of fully Aktiv.  This is where all speaker drive units (bass, mid, tweeter etc.) have the signal tailored by Aktiv filters and are driven individually by their own amplifier channels. 

Aktiv playback systems benefit from improved timing and control, as well as lower distortion across the entire frequency range thanks to the elimination of inefficiency and signal-bleed within the passive crossover.