torsdag 7 juli 2011

Sommar öppningstider!

Vi ska stänga för semester från Fridag 8 Juli tills Måndag 1st Augusti. Om det regnar och jag är hemma jag ska öppna butiken ... roligt att ha musik session om det bli regn!

Annars du få gärna bok en tid och jag ska öppna! Vi har nästan hela sortimentet nu från maxat LP12 med svart Klimax radikal, 350A, 320A alla DS, alla slut/för-steg och alla två kanals talare.

Om du vill besöka oss snälla ring Martin 0708 948229 eller email i förhand!

Trevligt semester // Martin

onsdag 6 juli 2011

Demo Rooms Today!

Took away M109, 2* Solo & now playing the new KDS + KK on a fantastic pair of piano white (lack by UK importer of Steinway & Sons) LINN KLimax 320A speakers (4 on-board reference amplification per speaker, each driving just one element and just one frequency with individual active filters i.e. fully active)! Looks, feels and sounds fantastic! In my opinion the perfect system! A clip at just over 500,000 Skr ... I'm serious ... this is a bargain! To beat this sound with external reference amplification would cost around three times the price and involves allot of boxes & cables!

Add radikal LP12 & you have my preferred system! Martin's choice!

Akurate system has now been restored with Akurate 242's instead of Isobarik speakers. We got a great sound from the Isobarik after allot of playing in (just some room adjustment and they will be as good as they can be) but the Akurate 242's are clearly a class above Isobarik, even if ''less physical''. At double the price I guess that was obvious, probably disappointing for those hoping Isobarik were going to be closer to 242's but for me it is just more confirmation that the 242's are world class. Bild & Ljud (last month) magazine obviously agree giving them a full pot & special recommendation even over the much talked about B&W Diamond speakers. They named the new Akurate DS as their new REFERENCE digital player!! Obviously the new Klimax DS hadn't been released at point of sale so I look forward to that review.

Akurate DS, Akurate Kontrol, A4200 (Free Bi-amp with summer offer) + Akurate 242's costs approximately 230,000 Skr.

Come in and judge the systems yourself! (Sub not playing, just adds little interference so the customer doesn't get too shocked how good the system is ;))

The other Demo rooms remain unchanged! MDSi+ M109 (Green room), 350A + KDS (Gold room).

BH // Martin

lördag 2 juli 2011

LINN Summer offer!

LINN sommar offert 2011.

Köp ett LINN slutsteg och få två extra kanaler av slutsteg på köpet. Exempel, betala priset för en 2-kanals Akurate 2200 Steg (39,950 Kr) och du få en Akurate 4200 värde 58,950 Kr!

Not Bad! :)


  1. The offer runs from 1st July 2011 to 16th September 2011 inclusive. Only orders placed during this period will qualify.
  2. Customers purchasing a power amplifier from the Majik or Akurate ranges can choose one of the following two options:
    1. Purchase a power amplifier with an additional two channels provided free of charge. The models available on this offer are:

i. Majik 4100 for the price of Majik 2100

ii. Majik 5100 for the price of Majik 3100

iii. Majik 6100 for the price of Majik 4100

iv. Akurate 4200 for the price of Akurate 2200


    1. Receive a set of Linn Aktiv cards free of charge.

Customers are entitled to claim one complete set of Aktiv cards to convert one pair of Linn loudspeakers to Aktiv operation, upon the purchase of at least one Linn power amplifier. Amplifiers included in this offer are: Majik 2100, Majik 3100, Majik 4100, Majik 5100, Majik 6100, Akurate 2200, Akurate 3200, and Akurate 4200.

  1. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  2. There is no limit to the number of amplifiers that can be purchased as part of the offer.

On the way up!!

För två väckor sen Gogobot spelat P&S! Jag fått den bild idag från däras spelning igår kväll för över 20,000. Lite skillnad från P&S ... skönt att se ...

Gordon ser ut som han är riktigt hemma ... det är han! :)