måndag 29 november 2010

VIKTIGT INFO! LINN Event Flyyt till 9. Dec från kl 19:30 CD inbyte =10% på LINN DS

10% rabatt av LINN DS Sortiment med inbyte av en gamla CD Spelare från vilket märke som helst! Välkomna!

Flyg koas i UK betyder en risk att Alan kommer inte i tid. Vi har därför flytt vår LINN Event till Torsdag 9 Okt kl 19:30. Jag bli ursäkt för dom som planerat för 8 Okt men ska finnas på plats på Onsdag också! // Martin

Hej och välkomna till P&S LINN HiFi Event med presentation från Alan Williams från LINN. Vi ska presentera den Nya Akurate Serien från LINN ADS, AK, A242, A4200 med Klimax på plats som en referens. Ska också finnas A212 (Aktiva)!

Prenumerera till martin@peoplesandschmidt.com

Vi ska också visa hur man kan använda LINN DS för party mode och styrning från ipad, macbook (kinsky). Spotify/Youtube playback eller playback av musik du har spelat i själva med virtual-soundcard från din dator till dina DS.

tisdag 23 november 2010

Klick linken för att ladda när jamcast!

Jamcast gör det möjligt att använda dina LINN DS som en virtuell ljudkort för dina Windows dator (automatisk med Windows 7, 24 bit och funkar med bättre XP datorer men inte alla).

En strålande produkt som betyder du använda alla fördel av din DS för att spela till exempel Spotify eller dina ägna inspelningar (pro-tools) från din dator genom dina nätverk till din LINN DS. Krävs ingen kablar men bara att dator och DS ligger på samma nätverk. Funkar även med USB mobilt bredband och är en bra lösning för ''Party-Mode''.

Det finns mycket mer funktion från itunes bibliotek till podcast osv osv! Synas automatisk på Kinsky, Plugplayer osv! Testa gratis 14 dager!

lördag 20 november 2010

Snow in Gothenburg - great for the sound!

The difference in sound quality we get in the shop when it snows and all the background noise is deadened outside is fantastic! I came to work this morning early for me, 9 o'clock ,,, it was totally still and started playing vinyl about 1 minute after 9 :)

Dick Gaughan, followed by Metalica Live with a full orchestra then Seri Tankenan ,,, that's as far as I have got when typically for Gothenburg it s starting to thaw ,,, just the sound of dripping water and splashing cars ,,, Still sounds quite good but just imagine if we had 1m of snow ,,,

Time to get the Dungeon (our secret weapon cellar room) back in action and buy a mop!

onsdag 17 november 2010

It's not an Apple World, it's a networked world

As the latest debate on whether Linn should support a proprietary Apple format, this time the newly-announced AirPlay, flared up on the Linn Forum, it reminded me of the calls before the Klimax DS was released from some quarters for Linn to get on the bandwagon and support iPod docking, the latest "must-have" feature for home music systems.

We weighed up the pros and cons at length at the time, and once we'd agreed to abandon the dream of unimaginable riches by hitching our wagon to the iPod, and instead to pursue our own bone-deep belief in the network, I managed to get an audience with a cluster of Apple audio execs at their HQ in Cupertino.

KlimaxDS_with_dock.jpgOur view at the time (as it is today) was of a network-centric, not product-centric nor company-centric, world and we, perhaps naively, thought we could convince Apple to adopt open standards that would satisfy our shared customers without forcing Linn to join the "Made for iPod" program. (Picture the revised Linn new product launch: "This is the new Klimax DS; it's made for iPod.")

Made for iPod?

Apple's ethos can be summarised as follows, and I'll do my very best to quote directly from a senior Apple exec: "It's an Apple world, it's our party, and everyone's invited."

iPad Portrait.pngNow, I love my iPhone, and I love my iPad even more - surely the best way so far to control a Linn DS system - but I don't view ownership and enjoyment of these products as a subscription to an Apple World.

Where the iPad is at its best - controlling my DS, watching YouTube (no Apple TV required), accessing my Dropbox, browsing the web (minus Flash L) - is everything to do with it being a great network-centric device and nothing to do with iTunes or the Apple World. It subtly but irreversibly changes our perception of any gadget being at the centre of the universe. Why put an iPod dock on a home music system? What about an iPhone dock, an iPad dock, and the whatever-gadget-I-buy-next dock?

Chorus DS HD

iPod inwall whoops.png

It simply doesn't make sense. It never did. And I do feel a little sorry for people who were convinced to buy now-obsolete, so-called "high-end" iPod docks, sometimes embedded into the chassis of an expensive hifi product, sometimes embedded into the walls of their homes.

So what of AirPlay?

Well, it's the same again, except this time we're supposed to buy into the idea of iTunes at the centre of the universe. To take up the invitation to the party means Linn paying Apple to license AirPlay-compatibility rights so that our products stream wirelessly from iTunes.

That'll be the same iTunes that links to the iTunes Store that monopolises the low quality download market and keeps the lion's share of the revenues, the same iTunes that has confused almost all its users into thinking they can junk their CDs after ripping them to 128k.

The same iTunes that is a media server, CD ripper, media player and media controller all-in-one, as well as being a music store and an app store, not to mention a sync package, and now a proprietary wireless streaming hub too.

We're happy to support iTunes as a media library, in the same way as we're happy to support the Apple media formats, but Linn has a bone-deep belief in the open network. We won't license AirPlay because placing iTunes at the centre is an Apple-centric view, not a network-centric view of the home.

It's not an Apple World, it's a networked world. No product, no company occupies the centre of the home, people do. Understanding this fact is essential to anyone seeking to build a future-proof network at home.

Gilad Teifenbrun